Created to connect people with researchers and advertisers.

We send researchers a significant amount of data from completed surveys. Our advertisers receive game downloads, purchases, premium trials, and video views with the support of our loyal user base.

Developed by a global team of innovative individuals.

20+ Team Members
5 Nationalities
100% Distributed
10 Years in Business

Our Market and Partners

We collaborate with the top partners in the industry.
Our objective is to help businesses with their brand engagement and user insights, as well as assisting researchers with the distribution of surveys.

Our History

The Reward Holdings’ founders are a dynamic and enterprising duo who have made it a habit to consistently observe how people behave online. Since then, three successful brands, GrabPoints, ZoomBucks and GCLoot were born. Member participation has grown to over ten million since 2012, with active users located all over the world.
  • 2012

    ZoomBucks.com launched

  • 2014

    1 Million users reached

  • 2016

    GrabPoints.com launched

  • 2017

    5 Million users reached

  • 2020

    GCLoot.com launched

  • 2022

    10 Million users reached

  • 2022

    Survey API Integrations Launched